CK Birla Group

Neosym Industry Limited is part of the CK Birla Group

The CK Birla Group, with a revenue of USD 3 billion, is an Indian multinational conglomerate. With over 35,000 employees, the group operates 52 manufacturing facilities across India and internationally, with a presence in diverse sectors, including technology, automotive, home and building and healthcare.

Our customer base includes some of the world's best-known companies and we also enjoy partnerships with several leaders.

Our vision is to create value in tune with the rapidly changing needs of customers, partners and communities in the twenty-first century. Our companies are strengthened by shared guiding principles that include a focus on long-term value, trust-based relationships and philanthropy. Today, each of our entities is transforming to significantly increase the collective strength and synergies of the Group's size and span, with technology and talent driving the expansion.

Our Organizations

Arts and Science Centres

The CK Birla Group’s not-for-profit initiatives cover Science, Temples, Art and Archaeology and are aimed at building the social infrastructure in the communities we serve.

The B.M. Birla Science & Technology Centre, Jaipur, The B.M.Birla Planetarium’s at Jaipur, Chennai and Hyderabad, B.M. Birla Museum, Ujjain, B.M. Birla Science Museum and the G.P. Birla Observatory & Astronomical Research Centre, Hyderabad are institutions that seek to get the mysteries of science and astronomy within the reach of the common man.

The Birla Temples at Hyderabad, Jaipur and Bhopal are archaeological marvels. The Birla Archaeological & Cultural Research Institute, Hyderabad, Birla Institute of Art & Music, Bhopal, The B.M.Birla Archaeological Museum and Modern Art Gallery, Hyderabad and the many renovation initiatives at renowned religious and historical places are a testimony of the CK Birla Group’s commitment to Art and Architecture.

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